About me

Wonder who's behind this blog?

Hi! I'm Florian, nice to meet you :)

I am a 24 years old web developer from Liege, Belgium with a great passion for menswear and fashion in general.

While talking with a few friends about fashion and the industry as a whole I realised a lot of misconceptions still existed. Not many people actually realise the impact their wardrobe has on our planet.

That's why I decided to start this blog, as a way to share knowledge and insights on what I consider ethical fashion, with a focus on the sartorial style.

Starting a more ethical wardrobe was one of the best decision I made, and it's not that hard to do either! So why not start today? I can probably help you :)

Even the smallest action towards a more ethical wardrobe makes the difference. Don't worry this is not a place of judgment; only a place full of knowledge and happiness!