Minimalist wardrobe: Why consider it?


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Article date Nov 3rd, 2018
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This article is the first of a three-part series about a minimalist wardrobe. This article will talk about why you should consider starting a minimalist wardrobe or convert your existing one.

People have different ideas of what is a minimalist wardrobe. To me it is quite simple, only keep the items you need and the items you like.

This might sound a bit simplistic but trust me, when your entire wardrobe is solely composed to items that you enjoy wearing and that you can wear on a day-to-day basis makes dressing up so much easier.

Fewer clothes equal less pollution

It is undeniable that the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industry in the world.

Limiting yourself to a certain amount of clothing means that you will most likely buy less and you will, therefore, have a lower impact on the planet.

There is no way to buy a garment fully ethically, unless maybe if you pick it up on the street. This is why buying less is a great way to have a more ethical wardrobe.

More money to invest in quality garment

If you can, a good way to have a more ethical and minimalist wardrobe is to buy quality garment. As you buy fewer clothes, you will have a bigger budget available, logically, for specific clothes.

I believe buying a nice overcoat, for example, is most likely more ethical than buying a more mediocre version as it will last you longer, be more timeless and will still make you want to wear it for seasons to come.

Enjoy wearing everything

It is visible to everyone when you enjoy wearing your clothes. This makes you more confident, more outgoing and overall a better version of yourself.

This is one of the best advantages of having a minimalist is to enjoy wearing every single item inside it. This makes dressing up easier as you don't have these clothes that you do not like anymore clogging up your wardrobe and making your choices harder.

Do not forget that this is a process you go through every single day. Why not make it as simple and enjoyable to start your day in the best way possible?

Versatility to the maximum

Since you have fewer clothes you have to maximize their versatility to not feel like wearing the same thing every day, unless that is what you want of course.

I recommend buying a good set of basics to start filling up your closet then include a few more eccentric garments to compliment them and bring some originality in your outfits.

In the image above I am wearing the jacket and trousers of a three-piece suit from SuitSupply with a simple white t-shirt for a simple and casual outfit. This wouldn't be possible if the fabric was too formal.

Florian Husquinet

I am a web developer currently living in Liege, Belgium. My big resolution for 2018 was to have a more ethical wardrobe.

I will explore different options throughout my posts ranging from regular brands to second hand going into the details of what makes a garment ethical or not.

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