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Article date Feb 24th, 2019
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Last Saturday I went to Rotterdam to visit an apartment with my girlfriend. I decided to wear a relaxed outfit as it was going to be a long trip and I expected to walk quite a bit in the city as well.

Since the weather was quite hot for a a month of February I went with a pink oxford dress shirt from Hast, a thrifted navy sweater from Asphalte, a suit jacket from SuitSupply, a pair of thrifted tailored jogpants from Suitsupply and a pair of thrifted grey sneakers from Buttero.

The grey sneakers is a nice change from the classic white version. Made by Buttero in Italy from high quality leather, they have the nice ability to not show as much scratches and dirt as well as the potential to build a nice patina, which is starting to do now. I bought them last summer for 100$ shipped on Grailed instead of 300$+ new. If you would like to learn how I buy used shoes online you can check my simple guide here.

The tailored jogpants are the kind of clothes that make an outfit go from classic to original in a snap. The dark grey flannel from Vitale Barberis Canonico has some nice light grey vertical stripes which goes well with the somewhat casual single backwards pleats and the string closure. Do note that they were originally styled with a cuff but were sadly alter a bit much for me to reverse that process. I bought them earlier this year on Marktplats (the local marketplace in the Netherlands) for 70€ shipped instead of the 130€ new.

The pink oxford dress shirt from Hast is the only item which isn’t preowned in this outfit. I decided to wear it in place of a more classic white or light blue shirt to bridge the gap between the casualty of the trousers and the somewhat formality of the jacket. Made in Europe with 100/2 cotton, this shirt is a nice entry-level dress shirt if you wish to update your wardrobe from the shirts found at your local mall.

The navy sweater is from Asphalte, build using 600g of Merino wool from Australia/NZ. Though I do not really agree with their marketing strategies full of “This is the best XXX ever made” and buzz words, I will have to say this sweater is spot on in terms of fit, heaviness, quality and price. Since is it quite heavy it also breaks the overall formality of the outfit as opposed to a more lightweight sweater you would wear with a suit. The best part is, I found it along with a grey version for half of it’s original cost. At 60€ I am not aware of any deal better than this.

The suit jacket, here worn independently from the trousers which are currently being altered for me, adds a lighter pop of colour to the outfit, making is a late winter day. The fabric looks a bit like shantung silk, definitely more on the casual side of formal wear compared to a navy suit for example. You might have guessed it but this is exactly why I choose to wear it with this outfit. All pieces brings various level of formality when looked seperately will still looking relatively formal together. A bought the full suit from Marktplats for a meer 70€, only 10% of it’s original cost! The first owner tailored the trousers quite heavily which, when selling it, was a deal breaker for the second owner as he couldn’t wear them.

What do you think of the outfit? Would you have done things diferrently keeping in mind my goal of that day: A comfortable outfit formal enough for a visit but still looking weed-end-ish? Please tell me on Instagram @theethicalsartorialist

Florian Husquinet

I am a web developer currently living in Liege, Belgium. My big resolution for 2018 was to have a more ethical wardrobe.

I will explore different options throughout my posts ranging from regular brands to second hand going into the details of what makes a garment ethical or not.

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